Emily Madan

Philadelphia, PA


  • The College of William and Mary
  • The University of California, San Diego (grad)

Emily started her teaching in Philadelphia schools, working to teach chemistry and physics. After a year of high school level teaching, she expanded into test preparation, helping adults achieve their dreams of grad school. In the classroom, she loves bringing concepts to life and her greatest thrill is that moment when a complex topic suddenly becomes clear. Having scored in the 99th percentile of the GMAT (770) and LSAT (177), Emily is committed to helping others achieve their full potential.

Currently, Emily lives in New Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia. She loves going into the city for the great food and nightlife, but also enjoys the peace of the suburbs. In her free time, she focuses on crafts and has a home full of crocheted afghans, knitted scarves, and cross-stitched pictures. Her current goal is to become fluent in Hindi, so you’ll often hear Indian music or TV coming from her house.

What students are saying

“Emily is a very gifted teacher. She elucidates complex concepts and arguments in ways that are easy to understand.”

What students are saying

“Emily was a fantastic teacher; I completely owe my improvement in LR to her Sunday classes.”

What students are saying

“She makes learning even the most challenging content a fun and enjoyable process.”