Emily Reigh

San Francisco, CA


  • University of Oklahoma
  • A.U. in Cairo (M.A.)
  • Stanford (Ph.D. student)

Emily Reigh holds a B.S. in chemistry, a B.A. in letters and an M.A. in applied linguistics. She scored in the 99th percentile on the GRE and GMAT exams and is currently a doctoral student in education at Stanford.

As an undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma, Emily valiantly endeavored to take a class in every department on campus. She curtailed this pursuit after a mere six years, graduating with dual degrees in chemistry and letters and a minor concentration in Italian language and literature.

After graduation, she studied Galileo’s manuscripts in Florence on a Fulbright grant, worked as an au pair in Paris, and traveled across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. When the money ran out, she returned to Oklahoma to teach chemistry and physics in a public high school. Missing the adventure of living abroad, she moved her career to an international school in Cairo, where she taught science to students from over 60 countries.

Though she originally planned to stay in Egypt for a year, she ended up staying for seven. She could be spotted dancing salsa on the banks of the Nile, watching her students toss their mortarboards in front of the Sphinx and photographing protesters in Tahrir Square. Along the way, she pursued a master’s degree in applied linguistics at the American University of Cairo, where she taught linguistics and research writing courses and studied Egyptian Arabic-English code-switching.

After almost a decade overseas, Emily finally settled in the Bay Area and is pursuing a Ph.D. in science education at Stanford. Emily brings ten years of classroom experience to her work in test prep and enjoys teaching classes that develop both verbal and quantitative skills. Since she spends most of her day researching students and teachers she has never met through surveys, transcripts and videos, she is thrilled to have the chance to be back in the classroom in real time with live students.