Eric Caballero

Los Angeles, CA


  • UCLA
  • UCLA (grad)
  • MIT Sloan (MBA)

To date, Eric has taught over 3500 hours with Manhattan Prep, including spearheading GMAT courses for Google, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley, Harvard University, and Princeton University. He has an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Eric earned his teaching chops tutoring hundreds of undergrad physics and math majors, while earning a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering from UCLA. After securing his 99th-percentile GMAT score, Eric was offered a fellowship to MIT Sloan, while specializing in marketing and refining his teaching skills as a TA. As an alumnus, Eric supports the MIT Sloan admissions office any way that he can. Eric originally started teaching the GMAT part-time as a way to bootstrap his post-MBA startup.

Eric considers it his greatest privilege to help his students get accepted to their top-choice business school. His teaching style is reviewed online as engaging and witty, while pushing students beyond their current abilities. Eric’s favorite students are those who dream to either take over the world or live for a cause greater than themselves. He expects total commitment from his students, nothing less than he will deliver in return. And if he helps you earn your target GMAT score, Eric is rumored to expect a steak dinner in return.

What students are saying

“Eric is engaging, supportive, and intelligent. I like that he regularly challenges the class with 750+ level questions.”

What students are saying

“Eric is extremely engaging; I did not miss one class during my 9 week session because the 3 hours seem to zip right by.”

What students are saying

“Eric had a great energy level. He was incredibly engaging. He knew the material backwards and forwards.”