Eric Garthoffner

Irvine, CA


  • UCLA

A computer science grad and former NCAA athlete from UCLA, Eric sports a 780 GMAT score (and a wicked-awesome jumping ability). Since college, he has engineered, won President’s Club honors (sales), and cofounded a nonprofit that serves at-risk foster youth.

In addition to teaching the GMAT, Eric has tutored students in math and economics. He has also coached flag-football, soccer, and track and field. Whether it is in the classroom or on the athletic field, Eric’s standard is excellence and his expectation is simply that people do the best they can. Accordingly, if you take a class with him, he is sure to bring out the best in you. More than merely inspiring you to work harder, he will teach you to work smarter so that every increment of effort will be met with optimal improvement.

Always striving to keep things fresh, Eric is constantly observing his fellow instructors, searching for new and better ways to illuminate difficult material and make it understandable. Speaking of fresh, he is also known to treat his classes – on occasion – to his favorite indulgence: amazing confections and cookies from the best bakery in Southern California.

When not teaching, Eric can be seen eating authentic Mexican tacos, box jumping at the gym, or reciting weird things he has memorized like the first 100 digits of pi and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. Feel free to check out Eric’s LinkedIn page to see what past GMAT students have said about learning from him.