Gilad Edelman

Washington, DC


Yale (JD)

Gilad came to Manhattan Prep shortly after graduating from Columbia University, when he found himself in need of a part-time gig to sustain his time-consuming habits of saxophone practicing, crossword puzzling, and coffee drinking. He quickly found that, between his lovable students and absurdly talented (and just absurd) colleagues, this is probably the best job he’ll ever have.

Nevertheless, with an improbable perfect LSAT score burning a hole in his pocket, he found himself at Yale Law School, where he learned that he wasn’t lawyer material and that the best pizza in New Haven isn’t in Wooster Square. (Inquire for details.) After law school, Gilad ended up in Washington, D.C., where he works as a writer and editor focusing primarily on legal affairs.

What students are saying

“Gilad is good at keeping the material interesting. He is enthusiastic and wants his students to do well.”

What students are saying

“Gilad is approachable, has exceptionally strong verbal skills and explains Quant problems very well.”

What students are saying

“Gilad knows the material very well and is very enthusiastic, which made class enjoyable to attend.”