Isaac Botier

New York, NY


  • University of Michigan
  • NYU Law School (JD)

Isaac grew up in Queens but decided to take a break from New York City to get his undergraduate education at the University of Michigan. While at Michigan, Isaac studied sociology and began teaching the SAT and LSAT. It was this first teaching experience at the young age of 18 that made Isaac realize how much he loved helping people learn, and how fulfilling it could be. After college, Isaac went to NYU Law School for three of the most interesting and fun years of his life.

Isaac, who is also Manhattan Prep’s instructor recruitment coordinator, spends his time teaching and pursuing entrepreneurship. When he isn’t doing either of these, he’s probably thinking about the Knicks, or talking himself (and others) into believing they’ll soon be good again. Finally, he knows you think he’s French, but he isn’t (the r isn’t silent). It should also be noted that he doesn’t like using parentheses as much as it may seem from this bio.

What students are saying

“Isaac is very patient, and is able to draw out confident, knowledgeable answers, rather than shaky guesses.”

What students are saying

“Isaac boosts students' confidence and is an effective teacher. I cannot imagine a better instructor.”

What students are saying

“Isaac is very familiar with the material and is able to make it accessible to his students.”