J.R. Tomkinson

Fort Wayne, IN


  • Dartmouth
  • Kellogg (MBA)

J.R. began teaching with Manhattan Prep in 2004 after getting a 790 on the GMAT and while earning his MBA at Kellogg. J.R. helped launch our original Chicago center. Beyond GMAT instruction, he has several years of experience in ventures spanning both public and private education.

J.R. studied English at Dartmouth College before embarking on a career with positions in investment banking, for-profit education, and public education, with stints along the way in Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, and Chicago. An entrepreneur at heart, he is now part-owner and operator of a BMW automobile dealership in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

J.R. has conducted all of his teaching virtually since 2008, logging hundreds of hours teaching in online classrooms. A senior Manhattan Prep instructor, he has contributed to instructor hiring, instructor training, and CAT problem development. He has also conducted countless individual student assessments.

Outside the classroom, J.R. enjoys golf, woodworking, and spending time with his wife and two sons.

What students are saying

“J.R. was a great instructor. He was incredibly enthusiastic about the material, which made it easy to stay engaged.”

What students are saying

“J.R. is good at explaining multiple approaches to difficult problems. I also appreciated that he responded quickly to questions outside of class.”

What students are saying

“J.R. was very patient with us. He was approachable throughout the class.”