Jayson Beatty

Seattle, WA


  • Claremont McKenna
  • University of Cambridge (MBA)

Jayson has taught the GMAT since the late 1990s. A consultant by day, Jayson was awarded an MBA from the University of Cambridge and holds dual bachelor’s degrees in economics and philosophy with honors from Claremont McKenna College.

On the advice of a now ex-girlfriend, Jayson started teaching the GMAT in 1997. While he and she turned out not to be suited for one another (code for “she dumped him”), Jayson has her to thank for helping him find something he loves doing—teaching the GMAT. There is nothing quite so satisfying as helping students grow from being intimidated by the GMAT to dominating it. Over the years, Jayson taught for just about all of the GMAT test prep companies and is delighted to offer his opinion on each of them (code for “MPrep is, by far, the best”). When not teaching, Jayson runs a small consulting business helping large companies figure out difficult problems. He lives in central Seattle with his wife, their three sons, and their dog. Jayson’s GMAT score is 750, back when 750 was a 99th-percentile score (code for “he is old”).

What students are saying

“Fantastic instructor. He managed to translate difficult content into terms anyone could understand.”

What students are saying

“Very engaging, helpful, knows the content well.”

What students are saying

“Appreciated his witty humor. Great guy.”