Kristen Coe

Philadelphia, PA


  • UCLA
  • UCLA (grad)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.)

Kristen came to teaching as an undergraduate when she tutored a friend’s younger brother through the SAT. He aced the test and is now a doctor—true story! Since then, Kristen has shared her knack for standardized tests with students in three states. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in education policy.

When not thinking about the GRE, Kristen has been known to engage in a variety of low-paying but highly-rewarding pursuits. She has coordinated the implementation of preventative mental health services in Los Angeles, run a school readiness program in Charleston, SC, and provided technical assistance to after-school programs in Philadelphia. She loves helping people tackle complex problems and learn new skills.

Though in Philadelphia now, Kristen will always be a Californian at heart. She enjoys yoga, wine, the ocean, and spending time in the sunshine with her daughter.

What students are saying

“Kristen is a great teacher. She is very encouraging and created a positive learning environment.”

What students are saying

“Kristen is very friendly and encouraging. She taught the content thoroughly.”

What students are saying

“Kristen possesses a well-rounded knowledge of the material, which she clearly communicates.”