Liz Moliski

Austin, TX


  • Stanford
  • University of Chicago (MBA, Ph.D.)

Liz started teaching for Manhattan Prep while she was a Ph.D. student in business at Chicago Booth. Now that she’s graduated, Liz teaches business statistics and statistical modeling at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business, and also instructs Manhattan Prep students in the GMAT and GRE. She loves teaching in general and teaching the GMAT specifically. Seriously, this is a fun test to crack and you don’t have to be a genius to be successful at it. Test anxiety can be a real factor though, and Liz has a lot of expertise in that area as well as in the actual content tested.

Before returning to school for her doctorate, and an MBA along the way, Liz earned a math degree from Stanford University and then worked as a software developer at Apple Computer in Silicon Valley. Her area of expertise was performance optimization, which means that she figured out how to make computers run more quickly by solving problems cleverly, rather than by resorting to brute force computation. This kind of thinking (looking at the solving process itself and being clever about what really needs to be done, rather than rushing headlong into time-consuming tasks) helps GMAT takers too and is something that Liz talks about (a lot!) when she teaches.

What students are saying

“She really knows her stuff. She can break the problems down to their simple forms so that we understand them.”

What students are saying

“Liz genuinely cares about her students. I felt that she really wanted me to do well and was vested in my success.”

What students are saying

“Her love for math is infectious, I enjoyed solving Quant problems in her class!”