Logan Thompson

Boston, MA


  • University of Georgia
  • Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management (MBA)

Logan Thompson holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University as well as 99th-percentile GMAT and GRE scores. In addition to test prep, he has several years of experience teaching the English language and mindfulness meditation.

After graduating from the University of Georgia with a business degree, Logan opted to travel and play for two years while his perhaps more pragmatic peers sought steady jobs. With a large gap in his resume, and with the economy crashing (it was 2008 at this point), Logan wasn’t exactly fending off job offers. So he decided to start a catering company and a ticket brokering company, with no real grasp of how to do either.

After a few years of modest success, he craved further learning and growth, so he left the companies to pursue graduate school. After an initial practice GMAT test that yielded a less-than-desirable score, Logan re-evaluated his options. He discovered two things: the GMAT can be learned, and high scores can be financially valuable in the admissions process. Logan can be somewhat of an opportunist, so he bought (far too many) GMAT study materials, signed up for a GMAT course, and diligently prepared for two months. He increased his score by more than 150 points, which helped him gain admission and a scholarship to business school.

Throughout all of these endeavors, Logan has held a steady passion for the study and practice of mindfulness meditation. He started the Mindful Leadership Club in graduate school and has taught mindfulness to various populations, including prisoners and healthcare executives.

After a post-graduate year as an internal strategist at a software company, he moved to Massachusetts to work, study, and teach in the field of mindfulness meditation.

What students are saying

“I cannot highly enough recommend Logan Thompson as a GMAT adviser. He is patient, thoughtful in tailoring each class to student needs, and is genuinely and earnestly there to support you.”

What students are saying

“I was skeptical whether a GMAT class could help me improve my already high 720 score, but Logan helped me lift my score to a 780.”

What students are saying

“What sets Logan apart is his integration of mindfulness into the classroom, which allowed me to stay calm and move through more questions quickly during my test.”