Michael Tolleth

New York, NY


  • UC San Diego
  • University of Chicago Booth (MBA)

Mike has been teaching, tutoring, and writing curriculum in the test prep field since 2004. When working with Manhattan Prep students, he also draws on his 5-year career as a HS math/science teacher and on his 1-year stint working as an admissions fellow for Chicago Booth.

Mike got his start as a professional educator immediately after graduating from UC San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in chemical physics and a firm conviction that he did not want to pursue a Ph.D. Fortunately, after teaching his first few SAT and GRE classes (for another test prep company), Mike discovered both a talent and passion for teaching. He nurtured these while teaching chemistry, physics, and mathematics in several San Diego independent high schools, where he faced such challenges as teaching two different courses simultaneously in the same classroom, designing an independent study course in mathematical physics, and convincing second-semester seniors to learn anything at all.

Having miraculously survived 5 years of bottle rocket launches and exploding chemistry demonstrations without injuring himself or his students, Mike decided not to press his luck further. He moved back to his native New Jersey to work in the educational publishing industry. While developing curriculum for yet another test prep company, and with his GRE score approaching its expiration date, Mike decided to take the GMAT and surprised himself by earning a 780. Recognizing this as his opportunity to make the big leagues, he applied to join the stellar instructors at Manhattan Prep.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given his track record of career exploration and departing warmer climates for colder ones, Mike subsequently enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, where he studied economics and finance and effected a somewhat radical career change. He now resides in the New York metro area where he works as an economic consultant to the energy and utilities industries. He is grateful to Manhattan Prep for affording him the chance to stay connected to his passion for helping talented students achieve their academic dreams.

What students are saying

“Very knowledgeable. He approaches problems head-on and in turn we learn how to quickly get to the right answer.”

What students are saying

“I appreciate Mike\'s helpful advice for taking the GMAT, along with his fun and engaging style.”

What students are saying

“Mike is an expert teacher. Very down to earth and engaging.”