Misti Duvall

New York, NY


  • University of Tennessee
  • Columbia Law School

Misti is a graduate of Columbia Law School and practiced environmental and human rights law for 10 years prior to joining Manhattan Prep. She teaches and provides one-on-one tutoring for the LSAT, trains new instructors, and has helped write curriculum for Manhattan Prep’s LSAT and TOEFL materials.

Her classroom experience ranges from teaching toddlers to instructing activists on the Thai-Burma border. Prior to law school, she worked as a preschool teacher, a counselor for an elementary school after-school program, and a tutor. After law school, her best experiences again involved working with students, including teaching international law and advocacy to Burmese activists and supervising & instructing legal interns and clinic students.

A few years ago, Misti decided it was time to try something new (and old) and left the practice of law to focus on writing and teaching. When she’s not doing either, she spends her time on a quest to read and watch everything sci-fi/fantasy/horror or otherwise otherworldly that has ever been produced. She has a long way to go.

What students are saying

“Misti’s style of teaching pushed me further into my understanding of the test by way of cold calling and not advancing from a topic until mastery was achieved. She also willingly answered any questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.”

What students are saying

“Misti is awesome! She can command the attention of the class and the three-hour sessions do not drag at all. She’s also good at engaging and involving students and getting them to participate.”

What students are saying

“She’s so good at breaking down hard concepts into easy-to-understand components. A teacher like her is rare to come by because she is great at balancing being straightforward and concise in her responses but also patient and kind to her students.”