Patrick Tyrrell

Los Angeles, CA


  • University of Maryland

Patrick likes his test prep like he likes his coffee: complexly flavored and with a fair of amount of sugar. He scored in the 99th percentile on his first GMAT (780) and first LSAT (178), and he wants to help you do the same.

Patrick loves his job and his life. In 2006, he moved from Gaithersburg, Maryland to Los Angeles, where he began teaching test prep. His students frequently mention his sense of humor and relentless enthusiasm as two of his best qualities. Patrick continually strives to add his techniques, shortcuts, and insights into Manhattan Prep’s arsenal, writing curriculum materials and answering questions in the online forums. He was a philosophy major at the University of Maryland, graduating at the top of his class (a less impressive distinction when he reveals that there were 8 philosophy majors in his graduating class). For over a decade, Patrick has been an avid (and at times touring) songwriter/musician, singing and playing guitar, piano, bass, and drums. He promises not to force his albums on you until the last class, though.

What students are saying

“Patrick was a fantastic instructor who seamlessly blended his own experience and thoughts on the test with MPrep’s curriculum.”

What students are saying

“Patrick's teaching is OUTSTANDING! He was very engaging and made a 3 hour class go by considerably fast.”

What students are saying

“Patrick is an excellent instructor. I really feel he knows the material and can answer any question.”