Ron Purewal

Los Angeles, CA



Ron, a veteran MPrep instructor and curriculum developer, is known for his keen insights into all aspects of test-taking, from the objective to the psychological. He has taught for two decades, including nine years (and counting) with MPrep.

Ron is an inveterate strategist who looks for “hacks” in every aspect of life. Whether it’s cracking standardized tests, charting optimal routes through California’s infamous traffic, finding and negotiating bargains, or tweaking his own diet and sleep patterns — if there’s a problem (yo), he’ll solve it. In his first teaching job — teaching the SAT to his own high-school classmates — Ron discovered a uniquely intense love for propagating ideas and strategies. That passion has shaped a teaching career covering a uniquely wide variety of subjects, from calculus and medicinal chemistry to writing and even human nutrition. Ron has taught in high school and college classrooms, coached elite youth sprinters on the track and in the weight room, and changed the lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of his students. Ron enjoys reading, classical music, electronica, intense workouts, road trips, amateur fashion design, outlet and thrift-store shopping, 110-degree heat, and, most of all, building a life with his wife, muse, and kindred spirit, Sarah.

What students are saying

“Ron knows the material inside and out. He makes excellent analogies to relate the material to everyday observations.”

What students are saying

“Ron is a true master. He engages with each and every student in the class in a very deliberate way.”

What students are saying

“Ron stays focused on simple, effective strategies throughout the course. He is very clear in his communication.”