Varshil Patel

New York, NY


  • University of Pennsylvania

After graduating with degrees in computer science and economics, Varshil moved to New York to pursue a career in startups. He scored a 760 on the GMAT and has a passion for helping others conquer (and enjoy) standardized tests.

Growing up in New Jersey, Varshil fell in love with tennis, Model UN, physics, and Bollywood movies. He graduated valedictorian of his high school and upon entering college, turned his attention to the performing arts — he was the business manager for an a cappella group that was featured in Pitch Perfect 2 (if you look closely, you can spot him at the end of the movie).

There are two types of people in this world: those who whiteboard, and those who don’t. Varshil falls in the former camp; in fact, he stills keeps a large whiteboard in his New York apartment. You know, just in case he needs to work on a math problem with his roommates. He has always had a commitment to lifelong learning and a deep appreciation for his teachers and professors. For Varshil, teaching is an avenue for both personal growth and for inspiring others to believe that hard­ work and trust in one’s abilities are sufficient for successfully mastering content.

Outside of the classroom, Varshil spends his time frequenting the best ice cream and pizza spots in New York, running all over the city to explore its various neighborhoods, reading books at a new coffee shop every week, and trying to learn the art of cooking.