Articles published in August 2010

5 Weeks Till the LSAT, Now What?


Bring it on...

October 9th may seem to be barreling down the calendar towards you, nostrils flaring with sufficient assumptions. Indeed, we’ve only got a bit more than a month left until game day. So, what’s to be done with this last stretch?

It’s time to pile on the Preptests! It’s too easy to be a superstar just on short practice sets, or when you take a break between each section. Now is the time to be mean to yourself.

If I were an LSAT doctor, here’s what I would prescribe:

– Do at least two 5-section LSATs per week. If you’re seeing your accuracy drop on later sections (i.e. you’re pooping out), do some 6-section tests.
– Time these preptests like the real deal – use our online LSAT proctor to make it legit, or, depending on your location, attend one of our proctored exams.
– As you take your test, mark questions that you find challenging, time-consuming or all-around not super easy (as in anything that doesn’t fall into the I-would-bet-$100-on-this-question category).
– Review each test thoroughly. Don’t review just the ones you got wrong, also review the questions you starred. Read more about reviewing questions.
– Between tests re-play old sections, games, passages, etc.

– Work out a few times a week – it makes a difference!

– Cut down on the drinking

-Tie your shoelaces

– Wipe your nose

– Get to work!

LSAT Summer Reading List


It’s summer, and you can’t spend all of your time studying for the LSAT, right?

Wrong! You should spend every waking second getting ready for the test! Even when you are not studying, you should be studying!

Okay, we’re not (totally) serious, but here are two ways to study while you don’t study:

1. Play video games

Have you checked out the Atlas Arcade?

2. Read

When you sit for the exam, you know you are going to get one passage in each of the following four areas: the law, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Do any of these topics put a little fear into you? If so, consider the following summer reading options: Read more

Toss Toss Toss – An LSAT Logic Challenge


This game is no joke! It’s a tricky, tricky set-up.  You can post your answers on our site and read or post explanations on our forums. Have fun!

Six young children – K, L, M, N, O, P – gather in a circle and play a game in which they toss a ball to one another. One child starts the game by tossing the ball to one of the other five children, who then tosses it to another child, who tosses it to another child, who is declared the “winner.” A child may handle the ball more than once during the course of any one game, but cannot toss the ball to himself/herself. The following conditions apply:

* K can only toss it to P.
* P can only toss it to O.
* N can only receive a toss from M.
* L can only toss to P or M, and M can only receive a toss from L.
* N can only toss to K, and K can only receive a toss from N.

1. Which of the following could be the order of tosses, from the child who starts to the child who wins?

(A) M to L to P to K
(B) M to P to O to N
(C) M to N to K to L
(D) L to N to K to P
(E) L to M to L to P

Read more