When Will the December 2011 LSAT Scores be Released?


In some ways, the wait for the December LSAT scores to be released by LSAC may be a little easier than the other three test implementations, given

The Art of the Sketchy Attorney Billboard - via Copyranter

the number of distractions that this time of year can provide. Try telling that to someone who has spent the last 8 months studying, however, and I’m sure they could convince you otherwise. When it does finally get released, be sure to join our Free December 2011 LSAT Review Session.

Regardless, I know most December 2011 LSAT takers are craving some sort analysis/advice as to when that crucial  email will hit inboxes. Past trends tell us that you can anticipate scores being released some time either shortly after Christmas, or shortly after New Year’s Day. Last year, scores were released on January 6th – but for SEVERAL years prior, scores were  released before the New Year.  It remains to be seen if last year’s January release date was an anomaly, or the start of a new trend of later December LSAT score releases.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for lawyer-ly things to pass your time, check out this hilarious blog entry from ‘copyranter’ depicting six hysterical roadside billboards advertising local attorneys. It’s worth a click- I promise!

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