Friday Links


Happy Friday!

Unfortunately there is no overtime on the LSAT

To help you gear up for this Holiday weekend, we gathered some interesting law school and pre law links from around the web, as well as a few ‘just for fun’ selections.  Enjoy!

The National Law Journal analyzes the results of the 2011 Law School Survey of Student Engagement. The findings? Law School students are generally quite happy with their experience.

Law School Podcaster examines which majors are most advantageous for pre law students.

This is slightly throwback, but still supremely interesting! Long before the landmark 2008 Presidential election, Barack Obama became the first African American elected to another prestigious post.

The New York Times has a very interesting piece on undergraduate education, titled “What is College For?“.

And last but not least, just because I can’t get enough of Tim Tebow mania, “Tebowie“.

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