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University of Michigan Admissions Interview


As prospective law school students, your LSAT score is one key piece to a larger admissions puzzle that you must put together.  I’m sure you’ve heard many times by now how important your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA are to your acceptance in to law school – but there still remains a bit of mystery surrounding certain aspects of the overall application.  Just what are admissions officers looking for in a prospective JD student?

This week, Manhattan LSAT is pleased to be teaming up with – an admissions consulting firm with admissions counseling experience that spans decades – to bring you an exclusive interview with Sara Zearfoss, Dean of Admissions at the University of Michigan Law School.

Here is an excerpt from their exclusive interview:

What do you consider the most important part of the application process?

The personal statement, far and away. There’s a strong perception among applicants that the make-or-break factors are LSAT and UGPA – but while those are unquestionably important indicators of academic ability, it is certainly true that many people with strong metrics are not admitted, and also true that people whose metrics are well below our medians do get admitted. What never happens, however, is that someone who writes a terrible personal statement gets admitted.

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