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We Reviewed the June 2016 LSAT on Facebook Live. Here’s How it Went.


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - June 2016 LSAT Review - Published!Last week, Manhattan Prep instructors Matt Shinners (180 LSAT, Harvard Law JD) and Christine Defenbaugh (180 LSAT, Columbia Law JD) broke down the June 2016 LSAT (Prep Test 78) on July 7th, 2016 on Facebook Live. Read more

The June 2016 LSAT was just released. We’re reviewing it for free on Facebook Live.


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - Reviewing the June 2016 LSAT on Facebook LiveThe June 2016 LSAT test was just released. If you took the test, you’ll likely want to review it. If you didn’t take the test, you should consider using it as a valuable study resource. Want a free, interactive analysis of the test from two of the top instructors in LSAT prep? Read more