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by AnnaC659 Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:35 pm


I was left with (A) and (D) but I couldn't really find support for (A) so ended up choosing (D).
Where does it say social norms enable comedians to "recoup the costs" for developing a comedic routine?
I see that in line 20 that generally absent protection of creative works hence unlikelihood of recouping costs for producing them, the creators are expected to produce less of such work. But does that mean to say that social norms that give comedians incentives to keep up with creative work allow them to recoup the costs for producing them?

On the other hand, I thought it made sense for the author of passage A to agree with (D) since the passage is all about how the existing copyright law isn't efficient (not cost-effective) but social norm is. Although the word "generally" in the answer choice made me hesitant.


Thank you! :)
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Vinny Gambini
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Re: Q19

by JoyC484 Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:43 am

I think D is wrong because Psg A only talk about Comedy issues, social norms work better in Comedy field does not mean that it will "generally" work better than IP law in any other field.

Btw, I am confused about why A is correct too, I did not find support for "recoup the cost"...Can anyone explain why A is right and E is wrong as well?
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Re: Q19

by KristenW551 Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:33 am

I initially went with E and left D open. I killed A for the same reason as you - "recoup the costs" - nowhere did I pick up in the passage that these social norms help comedians regain any money through these. I took it as they provide some form of protection against joke stealing.

I am now killing E because of the value judgment within the answer choice (should be modified). I think D is wrong because the author of passage A never states an opinion on whether these systems work better or worse. It's just said that these social norms seem to take care of the issue since law-based systems are too expensive/ difficult to work with.

After killing both of those... I guess A works. I'm taking the test in a week, so all of these wishy-washy questions from this exam are really cramping my style.
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Re: Q19

by HiraS28 Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:23 pm

Ill give this one a go since I have not contributed to the community that has helped me so much.

A) seems correct due to the last sentence of passage A. Specifically line 37 " Using the informal system (=social norms).... and maintain substantial incentive to invest in new materials" I took this line as the social norms support the success of the comedian. I think this would explain the "recoup the cost". Since "maybe" producing a comedic stand up is expensive.

B) The author does not sound like its pushing for comedians to copyright their jokes.

C) "unconcerned" we do not know this. Maybe some famous comedians do not, but how about others in the laugh factory. We cant claim MOST

D) "less efficiently" maybe, but the author of A does not seem concerned about the efficiency, but that the social norms work.

E) This answer seems to be a trap. If you look at Q16, the correct answer is "comedians more likely to protect their material if copyright law could provide greater assurance..." I think the LSAT is banking on you to refer to this question. The thing that stands out with E is the degree. "Should" is too strong for an inference questions. If you refer back to Q16 the wording is "more likely"

Not sure if my explanation is enough. Please feel free to add more or comment on which I got wrong.
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Re: Q19

by MayaM405 Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:43 pm

I think an important factor here is the phrasing of the question itself when we are looking for "most likely to agree," rather than "most supported by the passage." Because of the stimulus, I was thinking more about which answer choice can be narrowly tied to the author's POV than which has the most direct support in the passage.

A - "Recouping the costs associated" raised a red flag for me, too. But since this answer choice seemed in line with the point of view of the author, I left it in my first pass.
B - Contradicted/Unsupported - the author never poses any suggestions like this one.
C- "MOST professional comedians" seems strong. Plus the concerns of expense are unsupported, all we know is that comedians write jokes anyways.
D - "GENERALLY" was a big red flag for me. The author never compares these systems, so we have no idea what the author thinks about it.
E - "Should be" - indicates another suggestion that we shouldn't infer based on the passage.

Looking back at A, I was reassured by phrasing like "make it possible." This is super weak, and therefore more easily tied to the author's opinion. I went back and skimmed the passage and realized "recouping the costs" actually is supported by the second paragraph. Since the other choices all presented suggestions or comparisons that I had no support for from the author, A seemed like the best choice.

Hope that helps!