Master the LSAT

Manhattan LSAT’s guide to the test, the strategies, and the roadmap to prepare for the test.

Manhattan LSAT Globe: What is the LSAT?

0. What is the LSAT?

Don’t know how long the LSAT is or how many times the LSAT is offered per year? Start here and learn about LSAT basics.

LSAT: The Three Sections

I. The Three Sections

Learn in-depth strategies for how to tackle Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and Logic Games - the three sections on the LSAT.

LSAT Notebook: Take a Practice Test

II. Take a Practice Test

Taking a practice test is a great way to analyze where you stand and diagnose what you need to work on.

Manhattan LSAT Student: Attend a Workshop

III. Attend a Workshop

Now you know all about the LSAT. Come to an Manhattan LSAT workshop and learn how you can study for the test and achieve your score goal.