Zen and the Art of LSAT - A Free Public LSAT Class

Every few weeks, Brian Birdwell hosts a 2-hour public class. Free and open to the public, this class is a great opportunity to learn from a seasoned 99th percentile teacher.

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About Brian Birdwell

Like his amazing Manhattan LSAT colleagues, Brian Birdwell has a long list of interests and wears many hats. When not teaching, he's probably singing, laughing, traveling, reading books of ancient Chinese wisdom, or all of the above.


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Reading Comprehension:

Logical Reasoning Process:

Timing on the LSAT:

This class will focus on YOUR questions. Participants are welcome to submit questions in advance.

  • Are you looking for just a bit of help on one really tough question?
  • Want to get a bit of help on assumption questions?
  • Want to figure out how to speed up on logic games?

The next session is being determined. Check back later to submit your question.

Submission Guidelines

Here are the two types of questions you can ask:

1) Help on a specific question: "Can you please help me with PT 56, S3, Q24: The local radio station will not win..."

Please be sure to tell Brian the specific test, section and number, and give him the first five or so words so that he knows for sure which question you're speaking about.

2) Help with a general topic: "I could really use a bit of help on assumption questions. For example PT50, S4, P11 - Scientists have long thought that omega-3..."

It's helpful if you give Brian an example of the type of question you're struggling with. He can find some other similar ones to use during the class.

Note that Brian has full discretion to prioritize which questions to teach. If there are too many questions submitted, it is entirely possible he will not be able to get to all or any of your questions. So please send them to him in order of preference.

Generally, the priorities are:

  1. General Questions about improving on the LSAT.
  2. Logical Reasoning Questions.
  3. Logic Games that don't require a specialized knowledge of the Manhattan LSAT curriculum
  4. Logic Games that do require you know the Manhattan LSAT curriculum.
  5. Reading Comprehension Questions.

How To Join The Online Classroom

This specific LSAT Workshop takes place on online using Blackboard Collaborate, our online platform. Once you sign up, you will receive instructions on how to log onto this online classroom where you will join other students. Click here for a demo of the platform.