Rey Fernandez

Vice President and General Manager

A native of the Bronx, Rey Fernandez earned a computer science degree at Harvard and then promptly rejected any career path that involved computers or science in favor of the noble teaching profession. He's taught at several schools and non-profits since 1992, and in 2001 founded an educational program in Northern California. That experience encouraged him to pursue an MBA at Haas, armed with a 760 GMAT score.

Rey joined the Manhattan Prep team in 2006 and considers himself truly fortunate to work at the world's largest provider of GMAT prep, alongside the best instructors in the test-prep industry. In addition to having taught the GMAT to hundreds of students in San Francisco, he has served as Executive Director of Instruction. Today, he resides in New York and is Vice President and General Manager at the company.

In his spare time, Rey can be found hanging out at home with his family, whipping up something in his kitchen, or teaching himself to play the drums. Every now and then he thinks about relearning how to code.

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