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Specifically designed for the revised GRE®, Manhattan Prep’s Section Adaptive GRE® Practice Exams reflect the most up-to-date GRE® content, and have been finely tuned by Manhattan Prep's expert instructors to ensure an experience similar to the real exam. All of our GRE practice tests are delivered via the web; there is nothing to install or download. We support all browsers, and our exams are Mac compatible.

Test under realistic conditions

This exam is calibrated to mimic the behavior of the new section adaptive format of the new GRE® test. Our aim is to provide you with the most realistic test-taking experience possible, so that you know exactly what you will be facing when you sit down at the computer on test day. Under standard testing conditions, the GRE practice test takes roughly 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Testing Options
You can also customize your Manhattan Prep exams to create the practice experience that best suits your individual needs:

  • Adjust the time settings to increase or decrease the time pressure
  • Choose "math only" or " verbal only" exams to focus on your area of weakness

Review all of your answers

Once you finish your exam, you are able to review every problem that you saw during the GRE practice test. You can use the review screen to see the difficult level of each question, analyze what question types gave you the most trouble, and determine which questions you spent the most time on.

Review all of your practice test answers

Get explanations to every question

Click on any problem on your review screen to access a detailed explanation of the question. These detailed pages provide the correct answer as well as an analysis of how to arrive at that answer. Reading these pages can help you learn from your GRE practice test errors.

Get explanations to every practice question