Basics: GRE® Impact on MBA Applicants

In recent years, some MBA programs--including Harvard, MIT, and Yale--have begun accepting GRE® scores in lieu of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). If you're applying to one of these schools, you'll need to decide which test to prepare for and submit with your application. Both exams are standardized tests measuring your verbal, math, and writing abilities, but there are also significant differences between the two. The GRE®'s verbal section demands a better vocabulary, while the GMAT tends to favor test-takers with strong grammar skills. The GRE® and GMAT test similar levels of math, but many feel the GMAT's wording of questions makes it more challenging. So someone with strong math skills may be able to showcase their talents better on the GMAT.  Also, it is still unclear how MBA Programs will interpret GRE® scores relative to GMAT score. 

If you are looking to apply to a broad range of business schools, it will be necessary to take the GMAT, as most MBA programs yet require it. 

The best way to decide is to take a practice test for each and compare your percentile scores, specifically. You can download a free practice GMAT at and a GRE® at

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