Alex Koceja

New York, NY


  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • New York University (MFA)

Alex started as an SAT tutor, then took the LSAT because he wanted to teach it to others. With his 99th-percentile scores and years of instruction experience, he is blessed with the chance to do so. He holds an MFA from NYU and, during the day, writes musicals.

Growing up in North Carolina, Alex developed a taste for barbecue, college basketball, and hospitality. Opening doors for others opened some for him, and he was lucky enough to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He attended UNC with the hopes of being an actor, following in the footsteps of his idol, Michael Jordan. Unfortunately, Lebron got the part in Space Jam 2. Alex realized he wasn’t destined for the spotlight, but for helping his peers succeed. He would be a writer! One scholarship later, Alex found himself in New York City writing music and lyrics for some of the most talented people in the world.

Eager to extend his range as a success-assister, Alex began tutoring the SAT. The joy he found in watching his students’ scores increase matched the feeling of watching a virtuoso belt out his lyrics. This led him to take the LSAT, which eventually led him to Manhattan Prep, where he is honored to be a part of this team of incredible instructors who open doors for students and help each other grow.

In his spare time, he watches all movies, frequents the roller derby, and is an unabashed fast foodie.

What students are saying

“Alex keeps calm but engaging throughout the class so it helps students to be less nervous about a nerve-wracking test.”

What students are saying

“Alex was very helpful and very willing to take his time to make sure we understood each concept.”

What students are saying

“Great at getting the class involved.”