Dan Bernstein

New York, NY


  • Emory University

As the son of professional educators, Dan was inspired from an early age to pursue a career in education. Since he graduated from college, Dan has worked in a variety of educational capacities. For five years he worked as a traditional high-school instructor, instilling in his students an appreciation for great literature and pop culture (his extra-credit questions were always from the most recent episodes of The Simpsons). During this time, he also embarked on his “evening career”: jack-of-all standardized tests. During the past decade, Dan has prepared hundreds if not thousands of students for their SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT exams. Though his daytime activities have been in a constant state of flux—following his high school teaching, Dan worked as a private tutor, curriculum developer for middle-school intervention programs, college soccer coach, teacher trainer, educational consultant, and even spent a couple of years earning his MAT and MBA degrees—his evening career has remained consistent. He just loves standardized tests—and his 760 GMAT score proves it!

Recently, Dan has decided to embrace his entrepreneurial instincts and embark on his own business endeavor. Though this venture is still in its formative stages, Dan is willing to disclose that it relates to college preparation and his love of the great outdoors.

When he is not working with students or fretting over his perpetual midlife crisis (see accompanying photo), Dan can often be found surfing, rollerblading, composing song lyrics, traveling to faraway lands, writing comedy, meditating, or singing along with the latest boy band (again, see accompanying photo)!

What students are saying

“Dan was an excellent instructor. I would recommend Dan to anyone interested in taking a Manhattan Prep course.”

What students are saying

“Dan is incredibly personable and is a great teacher.”

What students are saying

“Great at really breaking down my GMAT goals and coming up with a strategy for achieving my target score. AMAZING TUTOR!”