David Mahler

New York, NY


  • Dartmouth
  • NYU Steinhardt (grad)

David joined Manhattan Prep in 2008 with a 790 on his GMAT and years of test prep experience, including a year spent teaching English in Chile. Since 2009 he’s also been heavily involved with MPrep’s Curriculum Development Department.

David began his career the way many tutors do: teaching SAT prep. He thought it would make a nice transition into whatever it was he was actually going to do with his life, and then quickly realized he had found it. Since then, David has taught a variety of subjects, including SAT, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, and English as a Second Language. After working with what seemed like half the tutoring companies in New York, David finally found his home at Manhattan Prep.

Since joining the Curriculum Development Department, David has been proud to work on projects that affect every student who comes through MPrep’s doors. He’s particularly proud of his involvement in the initiatives to revamp the Critical Reasoning and Quant curricula.

David’s interests also extend into public K-12 education, and so he decided to get a master’s in education policy. He is currently finishing his last semester at NYU Steinhardt, and is eager to help improve the educational experiences of students in New York City and beyond.

What students are saying

“Dave is an incredible instructor who demands a lot from students during sessions but I have improved my CAT scores dramatically in just 2 months. I feel much more confident going into my exam than I did at the start of this process.”

What students are saying

“David has a balanced approach to teaching and class engagement. He allows time for us to ask questions and discuss the material, and he is patient if it takes us awhile to understand the reason behind a topic or answer.”

What students are saying

“His teaching style is very engaging and forces the students to always be on their toes and critically thinking. I like this interactive approach to learning.”