Dmitry Farber

San Diego, CA


  • Nova Southeastern University (grad)

Born into a family of academics, Dmitry Farber was destined to teach. A credentialed teacher with an M.S. in education and over a decade of experience, he has taught everyone from preschoolers to unruly teenagers to college professors. He has been teaching for Manhattan Prep since 2009 and has a 780 GMAT score, a perfect 170Q/170V GRE score, and a 179 LSAT score.

Despite his English degree and teacher parents, Dmitry rebelled against destiny for a long time (“I’m going to make a living as a jazz musician!”) before entering the teaching world via test prep in 1999. Both a nerd and a bit of a show-biz guy, he found this work a natural fit, and quickly expanded his range to the SAT, SAT II, GMAT, and LSAT before pursuing his teaching credential and becoming a founding teacher at San Diego Cooperative Charter School, an innovative K-8 program.

After many years teaching 3rd grade, Dmitry longed for a job that would allow him to stay home during the day and get bossed around by his own child, so he prepared to get back into test prep. Dmitry now works for Manhattan Prep full-time, teaching, tutoring, training instructors, and developing curriculum.

Dmitry lives in a house full of females—his wife Cindy, their daughter Luna, and their two dogs, April and Cleo. When he’s not home schooling his daughter or writing Data Sufficiency problems about two trains, he enjoys singing, playing guitar, studying psychology, and getting face-to-face with a nice vegan cinnamon roll.

What students are saying

“Dmitry has the ability to take a subject that could be seen as tedious or boring and make it both simple and fun.”

What students are saying

“He is very approachable. His patience and persistence make him one of the greatest instructors I've seen.”

What students are saying

“Very, very personable. No matter what your question is, he never makes you feel dumb or disregards you.”