Faruk Bursal

Boston, MA


  • MIT
  • UC Berkeley (Ph.D.)

Faruk loves to teach: with 5 years on university faculty and 10+ years of tutoring, he has over 3500 hours at Manhattan Prep alone. He is a graduate of MIT and UC Berkeley and has scored 790 on the GMAT.

A B-school professor’s son, Faruk got his own first taste of teaching in middle school. He later enrolled at MIT and became one of the few students to graduate with a perfect 5.0 GPA—despite some close calls brought on by excessive hanging out in Harvard Square. Switching coasts to Berkeley, Faruk got his Ph.D. while also teaching GMAT, GRE and SAT classes on the side.

At Manhattan Prep, Faruk is active in classroom teaching, private tutoring and curriculum development, particularly question writing. He will often make up questions on the spot in order to challenge his students and reinforce their understanding. When not teaching, Faruk enjoys the fast pace of new product development as an engineering manager and has also done consulting and expert witness work.

Faruk cares deeply about helping his students improve their performance. His assets as a teacher include great patience and a knack for sensing the stumbling blocks that students face. Outside of class and his day job, Faruk enjoys walking, design, architecture, traveling and spending time with his family. He is also a trivia buff and loves to be quizzed by his students. Faruk’s Erdos-Bacon number is 7.

What students are saying

“Faruk is a great teacher! He provides tips and tricks that cannot be found in a book and can answer any GMAT question.”

What students are saying

“Faruk is energetic and engaging - his class is interesting and helpful, never dull.”

What students are saying

“Faruk excels in explaining the optimal methods to solve seemingly complex problems and in assuaging fears about the exam.”