Gregg Lachow

Seattle, WA


  • Harvard

Gregg, armed with an undergraduate degree from Harvard, a GMAT score of 780, and an astounding lack of knowledge of finance, has taught the mysteries of the GMAT and the b-school application process to literally thousands of students.

He loves to teach and usually comes away from class feeling that he has learned more from his students than they have from him—evidence that he is either a very good teacher or a very incompetent one. Gregg also does a good deal of GMAT, GRE, and LSAT curriculum development for Manhattan Prep, including much of their video work. He spends his free time directing films, often working with his wife and kids, artists all.

What students are saying

“He taught his lessons very well and I got a lot out of the way he teaches. The time he took going over each answer and why they are wrong/right was very insightful.”

What students are saying

“Gregg is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He’s engaging and does a very good job of simplifying initially complex questions.”

What students are saying

“His teaching approach and personality gave me a renewed sense of confidence in learning generally. I never thought I would enjoy a class as much as I did, and I think Gregg was almost entirely responsible for that.”