Jeff Vollmer

Washington, DC


  • Pennsylvania State University (undergrad & grad)

After earning multiple degrees in music, Jeff has spent the past decade teaching high schoolers, undergrads, and grad students a variety of subjects, including English, calculus, music theory, and test prep. He scored a 770 on his first GMAT.

A child of two scientists, the ever-curious Jeff hypothesized that the slidey part of the trombone would be fun to play with. He was correct, and he eventually got pretty good at making noises on the instrument. While studying trombone performance at Penn State, Jeff became fascinated with music theory, the perfect blend of his two passions: math and music. He went on to pursue graduate degrees in music theory and taught students about linear intervallic patterns, hexachordal combinatoriality, parsimonious voice leading, and other topics that sound made up but really aren’t. He hasn’t stopped teaching since.

Jeff loves helping students arrive at ‘aha!’ moments by clarifying abstract concepts and by adapting to individual students’ preferred ways of learning. He also loves finding multiple paths to a problem’s solution, except when the problem involves deciding what to do for dinner.

In addition to enjoying the outdoors and staying active, Jeff’s interests include reading, sports analytics, and learning new skills. Jeff has lived on both U.S. coasts and in the heartland. He currently resides in the D.C. area with his lovely wife.