Joe Martin

New York, NY


  • Colgate University

Joe, an astrophysicist and geographer, is truly an expert in the content of standardized tests. He joined Manhattan Prep in 2011, teaching the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE, developing our interactive instructional videos, and working as an Instructor Manager.

Joe honed his teaching skills from a young age with his first formal teaching experience as a teenager in Michigan, where he worked as a mentor for young students in Detroit.

He later left Michigan for Colgate University, braving a future that would certainly be rife with toothpaste jokes. As an astrophysics major, he still found time to teach, spending all four years at Colgate leading physics and astronomy homework sessions for non-majors. As word of his ability to simplify seemingly-complex concepts spread, students began attending the sessions en masse.

Joe graduated with honors and, with geography the most logical next step after an astrophysics degree, he received a research fellowship to work on eradicating Tsetse flies and sleeping sickness in Kenya. His passion for teaching shone through though, and Joe continued to teach classes and tutor students on a variety of topics.

When he’s not at Manhattan Prep, Joe is a real live dryly-humored Midwesterner. He has cycled across America solo, coached rugby professionally, and enjoys redecorating his 25-square-foot New York apartment.