Logan Smeallie

New York, NY


  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • Boston University (grad)

Logan grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and has since lived in North Carolina, Boston, Los Angeles, and now New York. Always drawn to both analytical and creative fields, he studied both physics and media production at the University of North Carolina, causing quite a lot of people to ask if he “wanted to be the next Bill Nye the Science Guy or something.” The answer was no, primarily because “Logan Smeal’s Science Spiel” is not a very good name.

Since those days, Logan spent parts of three years in Durham, NC teaching math, science, and video production classes to middle and high school students at the nonprofit Student U. He then earned a master’s in television production from Boston University, though he regrets to reveal that he has not yet produced any masterful television. Instead, he joined Manhattan Prep’s media team, where he has helped to build the on-demand GRE Interact course and is still waiting for his Grammy for Best Narrator of a Test Prep Audiobook.

In 2018, he transitioned to the instructional side of MPrep as well, where he is excited to share his bizarre enjoyment of standardized tests with students. Logan has always loved both math and reading—the central components of the GRE—and wants you to love them too, even if it’s in an “I love you, but I’m not IN love with you” sort of way. And on the GRE, if you love something, do not let it go—because there is no penalty for guessing.