Marc Fienberg

Los Angeles, CA


  • Kellogg Business School (MBA)

Marc started teaching the GMAT in 2003, and his specialty is one-on-one GMAT tutoring. He is an entrepreneur and an accomplished filmmaker, having written and directed the movie Play The Game. He received his MBA from Kellogg Business School.

Marc is a skilled strategist with a long track record of success in creatively building profitable new products and business units. He is also an accomplished filmmaker, having written and directed the movie Play The Game, starring Andy Griffith and Doris Roberts. He has built over 15 new businesses and products worth over $16M. Marc enjoys tutoring GMAT students individually, during which he focuses on identifying each student’s areas of weakness and creating a custom-built plan of attack to address each area. He teaches students all over the world in MPrep’s online courses and local Los Angeles students in Manhattan Prep’s Santa Monica office. Marc started his teaching career teaching fourth-graders through the Junior Achievement program in 1994 and started teaching the GMAT in 2003. He joined Manhattan Prep in 2011 and scored a 770 on his last GMAT test.

What students are saying

“Marc really engaged each member of the class individually, which helped encourage class-wide participation.”

What students are saying

“Marc was amazing. He obviously knows the GMAT content like the back of his hand.”

What students are saying

“Marc's greatest strength is his ability (and willingness) to figure out students’ specific needs and problem areas.”