Marcus Hedahl

Washington, DC


  • University of Notre Dame
  • UW-Milwaukee (grad)
  • Georgetown University (Ph.D.)

Marcus has been with Manhattan Prep since 2007. He holds a B.S. in physics, a Ph.D. in philosophy, and a 760 GMAT score. He has 7+ years of teaching experience (at the US Air Force Academy and Georgetown University).

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame (go Irish!) with a degree in physics, Marcus went to work for NASA. After realizing that the computer simulations required for researching the effects of reentry were not as interesting as the events in the actual world of things, he accepted a commission in the US Air Force. As an Air Force Captain, Marcus served as a program manager in charge of the development of a new command and control system for US intelligence satellites. He would talk about it, but alas he cannot. It was here in the story where things went horribly awry.

Marcus—up to this point a very practical young man—somehow got interested in the Stoics, Socrates, and the life most worth living. He got his M.A. in philosophy and then became an assistant professor of philosophy and ethics at the US Air Force Academy. In his four years as a professor, his students consistently ranked his courses as one of the best at the Academy. In his last year, Marcus was named one the Academy’s Outstanding Educators. He then went to Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!), because really—6 years of higher education wasn’t nearly enough. In 2013, he received his Ph.D. in philosophy.

What students are saying

“He teaches the material in a way that really drives home the fundamental strategies and skills we need to master the exam.”

What students are saying

“Very enthusiastic and high energy. Gets the class to laugh a lot and keeps the mood upbeat.”

What students are saying

“Marcus is brilliant! He knows content extremely well and he is able to explain it in a comprehensible manner.”