Mark Sullivan

Seattle, WA


  • Caltech
  • University of Washington

After receiving mathematics degrees from Caltech and the University of Washington, Mark joined Manhattan Prep in 2010. Mark has over a decade of teaching experience and a passion for getting students past the GMAT and on the way to an MBA.

By day, Mark hones his teaching skills as a professor of mathematics and statistics at a small college in Seattle. Despite his heavily quantitative background, Mark actually scored a bit higher on the Verbal side of the GMAT when he earned his 790 overall score. In the classroom, Mark aims to create a comfortable environment for students to explore new ideas and make plenty of mistakes (the best way to spot exactly how to improve). At the same time, he makes sure everyone is challenged during each class. Even once you understand the basics of a concept, it’s important to look at each problem from multiple perspectives and simplify wherever possible. After all, the method your high school math or English teacher would use to solve a problem is almost never the optimal way to do a GMAT problem! Outside of teaching, Mark makes time to watch college football (Roll Tide and/or Go Huskies), comfort his wife after Chicago Cubs losses, and read books to his two young daughters (their current favorite is Calculus for Infants). He also enjoys perfecting classic cocktails, an endeavor that, much like mastering the GMAT, requires hours and hours of practice.

What students are saying

“Mark is an excellent teacher. He is clear in his teaching approach and has made me feel like we\'re in this fight together!”

What students are saying

“Very good at assessing the different levels people are at in class and providing comprehensive instruction across the board.”

What students are saying

“Mark is a great guy. He is unassuming, friendly and approachable.”