Mark Sullivan

Seattle, WA


  • Caltech
  • University of Washington

Mark has a B.S. in mathematics from Caltech and an M.S. (also in mathematics!) from the University of Washington, but somewhere along the path to academia, he realized his true passion was teaching, not publishing research papers only six other people would ever read!

Mark continues to hone his craft as a professor of mathematics and statistics at a small college in Seattle, but since joining Manhattan Prep in 2010, most of his working time is spent helping students get past “the test” and on their way to the college or graduate degree of their dreams. In the classroom, Mark aims to create a comfortable environment for students to explore new ideas and make plenty of mistakes (the best way to spot exactly how to improve). At the same time, he makes sure everyone is sufficiently challenged and striving for the bigger takeaways that move students toward mastery of the GMAT or SAT.

Mark spends most of his non-teaching time with his three young children, doing the “crazy dance” (please don’t ask), reading their favorite books (currently Calculus for Infants), and trying to convince them to be Seattle Mariners fans (Cubs fans from a few years ago will understand the importance of this kind of character building).

What students are saying

“Mark is an excellent teacher. He is clear in his teaching approach and has made me feel like we're in this fight together!”

What students are saying

“Very good at assessing the different levels people are at in class and providing comprehensive instruction across the board.”

What students are saying

“Mark is a great guy. He is unassuming, friendly and approachable.”