Ryan Jacobs

San Francisco, CA


EDUCATION University of California, San Diego (MBA)

Ryan Jacobs holds an MBA from the University of California, San Diego. He has a perfect SAT score and a 780 GMAT score. He has worked as a professional musician and as an administrator at Stanford University.

Ryan started his post-collegiate career teaching piano lessons and playing in several bands in San Diego. He then moved to the Czech Republic to teach English. He returned to California to work as an administrator in the Stanford University English Department. In 2009, he began his MBA program, during which he completed a capstone project exploring alternative pricing models for online music lessons. Although he barely knows how to ice skate, Ryan is also a long-time San Jose Sharks fan. He’ll give you extra credit if you wear your gear to class.

What students are saying

“Ryan was an amazing teacher. He brought real life examples into his teaching, and was always enthusiastic.”

What students are saying

“Ryan is very down to earth. His teaching style is excellent - easy to follow, clear and concise.”

What students are saying

“Ryan takes the time to make sure the entire class understands every concept. He is especially patient and considerate.”