Tony Caldarone

Nova Scotia, Canada


  • Richard Ivey School of Business (MBA)

Tony Caldarone brings a 770 GMAT score and a passion for teaching to Manhattan Prep, with over a decade of experience in teaching and tutoring, including GMAT, LSAT, high-school math, and college business. Tony has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, and has forsaken consulting and equity derivatives modeling in favor of teaching and entrepreneurship. When not talking about geometry or grammar, Tony is working on improving operations at his newly-acquired resort, The Cove Motel and Restaurant in Nova Scotia, Canada.

As a member of the Manhattan Prep team, Tony has parlayed experience in CAT question writing and student practice test analysis (having completed thousands of “office hours” sessions with Manhattan Prep students) into a profound understanding of the most common and costly content and procedural deficiencies that plague GMAT test-takers. Add Tony’s near-memorization of the Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides and the Official Guide for GMAT Review, as well as his development of computer programs that locate and aggregate problems that match specific patterns, and the result is that Tony is likely to be able to identify the biggest gaps in your game *and* point you to the best resources to work on them!

What students are saying

“Tony is very charismatic and is able to teach in a way that makes the test much less intimidating than it already is.”

What students are saying

“Tony was a very enthusiastic teacher. His passion encouraged me to push hard through my GMAT studying.”

What students are saying

“Tony is very good at verbal content. He is always able to explain everything so clearly. He is an excellent instructor.”