Road to 180

Free LSAT Information & Resources

Step 1 - Take a free Sample LSAT Test

Download a free practice LSAT exam (June 2007) from the LSAC website. Be sure to be strict on timing -- allow only 35 minutes on each section. Take this full-length sample LSAT exam and when you are done, record your answers in the Manhattan Prep LSAT Navigator to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are in the exam.

Mimic true LSAT test-testing conditions by using the free LSAT Proctor Video while you take the LSAT. This video will guide you from start to finish and includes the proper breaks just like on the big day.

Step 2 - Track and Analyze your results

Use our proprietary Manhattan Prep LSAT Navigator to analyze your test answers and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3 & 4 - Find LSAT PrepTest Explanations and Answers

Review full, detailed LSAT PrepTest explanations and answers. Post questions and get LSAT help on the Manhattan Prep LSAT Discussion Forum.

Step 5 - Need More Help? Try a Class For Free!

Want to learn more material from our expert teachers? Try a class for free!

Additional LSAT Help & Resources

Find a free LSAT Event and Class Preview

Attend a free LSAT event to learn about the exam and the application process. Check out the Manhattan Prep LSAT difference by attending the 1st session of any Course for free.

Download Free LSAT Books

Stumped on a section? Download free excerpts from our LSAT Strategy Guides, which are available for purchase in our Store .