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FDP Prep - Chapter 3 Test cases

by BrianH455 Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:27 pm

Little confused about the first question of chapter 3 on the FDP prep.
From my knowledge, when you say "unit digits" its the one's digit (ex. unit digit of 345.464 would be 5).

On the first sample question of the chapter 3, it states that Units digit of 4.5 is 5 and 4.6 is 6.

Very confused with this question overall....can you provide further explanation.

Thank you.
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Re: FDP Prep - Chapter 3 Test cases

by RonPurewal Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:38 pm


per the forum rules, you need to post the entire problem, exactly as originally provided (including answer choices, if there are answer choices).

if you are asking about something that's in an answer key, you need to provide the part of the answer key text that you're asking about, too.

we don't generally have the books available while moderating the forum, so, we actually have no idea what this problem is.
more importantly, the point of this forum is to serve as a reference for future students, too -- and, if the problem isn't given here, this thread will be useless as a reference in the future.

please post a new thread with the full problem, exactly as provided, along with your question. thanks.