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Judgement versus conclusion

by Nagm Sat May 31, 2008 10:55 pm

What is the difference between Judgement and Conclusion?
How to distinguish between Judgement and Conclusion?

by Nagm Tue Jun 03, 2008 12:39 pm

Any taker for this one?
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by RonPurewal Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:36 am

in terms of critical reasoning arguments, the word 'conclusion' is generally reserved for the final, principal conclusion of the passage. (note that 'final', as used here, doesn't mean that it comes last in the passage sequentially; rather, 'final' should be taken as 'the ultimate conclusion of the progression of logic in the passage'.)

a 'judgment', on the other hand, is any statement deduced from other statements in the passage; such judgments may be used as stepping stones on the way to the ultimate conclusion of the passage.