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 Post subject: SC Help Please
 Post Posted: Mon May 07, 2012 4:35 pm 
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I just took a gmat prep and scored a 660- 46, 35. The quant I made a few dumb mistakes should have been a little higher but my biggest concern is SC. I got 16 in verbal wrong, and still got a 35 somehow. I got 3 RC wrong, 2 CR wrong and 11!!! SC wrong. On my manhattan gmat cats, my SC accuracy is 77 percent overall- this highest by far out of all my sections... On my last 2 tests I have gotten 3 and 4 wrong respectively and received a 700 and 710, 47 38 and 47 40.I am not sure what's going on but clearly I don't know SC as well as I thought i did. SC is clearly what's going to decide whether I hit the 700 mark or not. If anyone can help me devise a SC only study plan, that would really help. I have went through go 12 all the sc. In addition, I haven't studying idioms- not sure if i should since they said there taking them out. But on the new gmat prep software there was a question that included " more likely then vs more likely as" i think it was- not sure if these are idioms but any advice would be great. Thanks a lot!

 Post subject: Re: SC Help Please
 Post Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 3:59 pm 
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Ugh, that's annoying. First, FYI, they did say they were going to take idioms out, and then they backtracked and said they were only taking out American-English-centric idioms. But they haven't told us which ones they consider American-centric. So... study idioms.

Next, I want you to go and analyze the problems that you missed on GMATPrep and then come back here and tell me WHY you missed them. Look at this article for how to do this analysis: ... roblem.cfm

And here's an example of that type of analysis on a specific problem:

What was going on? Were there rules you simply didn't know? Did they get you to fall into traps? Did you make some careless mistakes? Etc.

Two big trends to keep in mind as you do this analysis:
- They have been increasingly emphasizing *meaning* in SC. Have you been studying meaning? Do you know how to tackle SC from that point of view?
- There have been an increasing number of "big parts of the sentence changing around" questions, often characterized by long underlines. How do you handle those? Do they cause you extra trouble?

For the first set, meaning, here are some resources (you can browse our blog over the past 6-8 months for more): ... orrection/ ... on-part-2/ ... h-meaning/ ... problem-2/

For the second set, here are some resources: ... sc-problem ... -problem-2

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