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what went wrong 670 (Q46 V36)

by ssuresh5710 Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:28 pm

Today I finally took the GMAT after months of prep, but didn't payback as I had hoped for. I wasn't unrealistic in my expectations, knew I was not strong in verbal so was anticipating a score of around Q50 and V32 range which would nudge past the 700 mark for me.

I ve spent the last 2 months going over every problem I could find. Took up the Manhattan GMAT CAT tests,I never ever had a problem with quant, until today. I saw on the forums and outside that the quant on MGMAT was pretty tough, but I was consistent in averaging around the 48 mark, so was pretty confident that if I could manage that it was ok for me. I never managed over 32 in verbal too, did so today surprisingly.

The AWA was pretty ok, nothing unexpected sailed through it.

The quant was just weird, the questions were inconsistent compared to those I had practiced with. The majority both for problem solving and DS hovering around the Integer inference and algebra types. Very less of combinatorics,ratios and ROW problems. For the first time in my life I ran out of time in a quant section,barely finished on time. Just a handful ( 5-6 ) of straightforward questions everything else were just plain labor oriented with no conceivable short cuts.

The vocab was not unexpected and was pretty consistent with those in the practice tests and the OG.

Overall it was not as I expected and am considering taking the test again in a month, I am sure I can get the quant up.

PS: Suggestions are always welcome
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Re: what went wrong 670 (Q46 V36)

by sree.kurup Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:33 am

I guess it was running out of time in quant that might have hurt you. I got 760 (Q49,V44) and had 2 probability questions, one of them hard enough to be easily guessed and move on.

I did see a calculation intensive question in geometry which too i guessed and moved on. Many times it is also on the day since all the wrong answers would have been part of experimental questions.