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conditional logic issues LR

by JorieB701 Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:58 pm

Hi. I need to figure out a way to strengthen my conditional logic skills. I'm so close to perfect LR sections but I can tell that my ability to quickly comprehend, follow the logic, diagram, etc., basically ANY LR question with conditional reasoning just isn't fast enough. It's difficult to properly articulate what I'm struggling with because it's obviously the language of the LSAT or whatever and it's not specific to any question type but I can tell that my skills just aren't fluid enough, nowhere near being "second nature."
I want to spend the next week figuring this out and I was wondering what you guys would include in prep focused solely on this issue. I was going to go back through LR chapter 8, revisit the interact sessions, the conditional lab you guys have online, plus redo any and all appropriate drills in the additional material packet as well.. I also thought I would go through all the tests I've seen so far and pull out every question that requires any form of conditional logic to practice drilling. Do you guys have a handy list somewhere of questions like that? Is there anything else you can think of that could help me?
What's the standard advice for someone who's getting so close to finishing but just can't seem to get to the last two, or pushing the pace to finish on time almost invariably resulting in missing one or two? Is it just time to dive back into the curriculum? My optimism tells me that I can have perfect LR sections on test day if I can get over to the other side of the difference between knowing the test really well vs. knowing it like the back of my hand, if that makes sense? But how do I do this? :|
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Re: conditional logic issues LR

by ohthatpatrick Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:24 pm

Hey, Jorie.

We don't really have a list of those problems, unfortunately, but I can email you a couple attachments on conditional logic that I have (

I'm glad you're approaching perfection, but I would definitely warn you against holding yourself to that standard. As a teacher and inveterate LSAT taker, I certainly feel like I should be able to get every question right, but I still get some wrong. We should definitely be okay with absorbing a missed guess on a few terrible questions each test.

That said, it sounds like you've found an area where your skills really COULD be sharpened, and maybe by making these conditional logic questions feel more automatic you can save some time/brainpower and thus be able to steal correct answers on some of the terrible ones.

When you said this, I got confused/concerned:
I'm so close to perfect LR sections but I can tell that my ability to quickly comprehend, follow the logic, diagram, etc., basically ANY LR question with conditional reasoning just isn't fast enough.

Were you saying you think you should be able to use conditional logic to diagram basically ANY LR question?

Or were you saying that you should be faster at diagramming almost all of the subset of LR questions that have conditional reasoning?

Hopefully it was the latter. :) Conditional logic would never help us with more than 50% of the section (and I would guess it's usually closer to 25%).

I don't think revisiting the curriculum will do much (if you've never done the Interact Lesson on Advanced Conditional Logic, then you should try that one).

If you've memorized your list of common conditional words, it's more about practicing the application.

Conditional Logic words Rules, Universals, Guarantees, Requirements

- LEFT SIDE (if, when, whenever, the only, any, each, every, all, no)
- RIGHT SIDE (only if, only, ensures, guarantees, requires, must)
- IF NOT (unless, until, without)
(if and only if, then and only then, when and only when, “if X, then ___ . Otherwise, ___ .”)
- NEITHER/NOR = “not this and not that”
- NESTED UNLESS = “If then A, then B, unless C” --> “If A and not-C, then B”

Going back and hunting for conditional logic questions sounds like a good idea. You should check these types of questions:

INFERENCE (Must be True, primarily)

FLAW / NECESSARY ASSUMPTION (most of them don't rely on conditional logic, but just scan the paragraph and see if you can find conditional language ---- this will increase your ability spot and recognize it on the fly)