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Passage Discussion

by Laura Damone Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:09 pm

The humanities people that dis the sciences vs. the science people that dis the humanities.

Author's VP/Purpose
The humanities vs. science thing is based on fundamental misconceptions about both fields. If we correct the misunderstandings, we can combine humanities and science in a way that is fruitful for humanity.

Important Lines (usually Author's view)
Lines 5-9 and 53-56: The author's main point.

Paragraph 1
Purpose: Present the humanities vs. science debate and assert that it rests on correctable misunderstandings.

Paragraph 2
Purpose: Present the humanities side. Note the strong degree of opinion ("caricature" in line 14, and "ignorant" in line 15) and the example in lines 15-17).

Paragraph 3
Purpose: Present the science side. Note the strong degree of opinion ("useless" in line 29).

Paragraph 4
Purpose: Reconcile the two sides. Note the term "scientific humanism" in line 38, the similarity between science and the arts expressed in lines 40-44, and the predictions for reconciliation in likens 50-56.

Takeaway/Pattern: Clarifying a misconception is a common theme in RC. Often that theme manifests in passages that are defending an author or artist from criticism based on a mischaractrerization of their work. In this passage, though, the misconceptions are the source of a debate our author thinks shouldn't be happening at all, and clarifying the misconceptions is the path to reconciliation: another common thread in LSAT RC.