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by ShehryarB30 Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:46 am

Could you pls explain this one
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Re: Q10

by ohthatpatrick Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:51 am

We would first check out previous work (I do all the "if" questions before I do any unconditional questions, so I'd also have my work from Q11) and see if we can get lucky in terms of finding a scenario we've already written out that matches one of the answers to Q10.

Usually, though, for Could Be True, we don't have a matching scenario (LSAT is wise enough to avoid that).

So we would take a pass through the answers seeing if we can figure out reasons why four of them are impossible. If we're left with only one answer, we'll pick it. Otherwise, we'll start doing plug and chug.

(A) This can't happen, because rule 1 says that O1 - R1, so R's earliest is Thurs.

(B) This can't happen, because if all three went on Friday, there'd be no one left to do the Thu + Sat twofer from rule 4 (that would force someone to go three times)

(C) At first blush, I'm not sure whether we can / can't. Defer.

(D) This can't happen, because if O doesn't go until Fri, then the O1 - R1 rule would mean that R's 1st (and 2nd) auditions were both on Saturday.

(E) Because of the O1 - R1 rule, R1 could never be on Wednesday.

So, we know that (C) is the answer, since we had reasons for knowing why the other four are false.

If we were trying to prove to ourselves that (C) works we could have a scenario like this:
O1 | R1 | G1 | O2, R2, G2

Hope this helps.