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by ohthatpatrick Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:47 pm

(A) FULLY determined is extreme, and more importantly this is the opposite of Borges' point. He thinks that the readers' expectations are an important ingredient in the aesthetic experience created by reading.

(B) ANY sci-fi story? That's extreme, and I think Borges only talked about the detective genre, specifically. But if we look it up, we see that in line 7-8 he says that "anything could be read as though it's detection fiction".

And in Psg B, line 32-33 says that readers can use "any reading protocol they'd like" to read a story.

So, yes, they would both say that any sci-fi novel COULD be read as detective fiction, if a reader chose to do so.

(C) EVERY work of fiction UNAMBIGUOUSLY belongs to some particular genre? I can't find Borges saying anything close to that very extreme claim. And then psg B seems to go specifically against this idea in its first couple sentences.

(D) Some figures appear in poetry but not in prose? Borges never discussed poetry in psg A.

(E) This seems like something Borges would agree to, except again it's just worded too strongly. He never said that someone cannot truly enjoy something if they don't know the genre. You could read something without knowing the intended genre and still fully enjoy it. He was only saying that what defines a genre is not just the author writing it, but the readers who are processing it with a specific set of expectations.

Hope this helps.